See Roadkill at the Fringe Festival in New York City this August.

Roadkill is the story of a girl’s sexuality as told through the recollections of four people who know her intimately. The show explores themes of sex, memory and bananas. It was originally devised and performed as Tosca Giustini and Leah Sarbib [Bref]’s thesis at Middlebury College.

The show is devised, meaning the process started without a script. There were actors before there was a plot. A lot of playing around eventually turned into an idea for form, then an idea for content. Then the play was written. The collaborative atmosphere did not end there – all the actors and designers continued to contribute ideas up until opening night. The first production of Roadkill took place at Middlebury in November 2015 (original company: Will Lupica, Kathleen Gudas, Caitlyn Meager, Lorena Neira, Kean Haunt, Iram Asghar, Bjorn Peterson, Lucy Killian, Anna Parker and Ben Rose.)

(from the original production of Roadkill at Middlebury College. From left to right: Will Lupica, Lorena Neira, Kathleen Gudas, Kean Haunt)

Rehearsals for the Fringe Festival started mid-July at Vineyard Arts Project. Though we started with the script from the previous version of the show, the process remained very collaborative. This time both Tosca Giustini (director) and Leah Sarbib (writer) are acting in Roadkill – since we had no one objective outside eye throughout the rehearsal process, an equal and collaborative atmosphere was key.

Roadkill will have its New York premiere at the Fringe Festival this August. The New York company includes Chelsea Melone, Jabari Matthew, Will Lupica, Iram Asghar, Bjorn Peterson, Lucy Killian, Ben Rose, Tosca Giustini and Leah Sarbib. Get your tickets here.

roadkill press photo.jpg
New York cast of Roadkill. From left to right: Leah Sarbib, Tosca Giustini, Will Lupica, Chelsea Melone, Jabari Matthew.